A national healthcare real estate development firm, Astoria transforms the way physicians do business, care for patients, and manage their property investments. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Nueterra Capital, a private equity firm that invests in early and growth-stage healthcare companies, Astoria creates investment opportunities through effectively designed, high-quality healthcare facilities that contribute to improved outcomes. Combined with the firm’s affiliate relationships, Astoria works side-by-side with operational management to draw on shared market data and industry best practices to maximize facility efficiencies. 

Since 2005, and with healthcare as its exclusive focus, Astoria creates a precise path to ownership, and partners with clients to:

  • deliver successful concept-to-keycard real estate that contributes to higher quality care and lower-cost options
  • deliver efficient facilities capable of supporting overall operational excellence
  • craft real estate ownership solutions for physicians and hospital systems

Beyond the team’s technical abilities and expertise, Astoria clients cite the firm’s intense focus on client success by providing insight and clarity in the business of healthcare.

During the expansion phase, Astoria served as a critical team member, delivering their healthcare knowledge and industry expertise that helped us drive decisions.

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